Monthly Meeting Points

Here you will find the main points from our monthly meetings.

April 24th Monthly Meeting Points:

  1. The Annual General Meeting will be held in the Peace Wapiti Academy Library at 5 pm onMay 29.  Dinner will be served, please seriously consider attending as we complete elections, go over next years budget, and do general planning.  

  2.  The MPTC board members will be ratified at the AGM as well.

  3.  The roles of president, secretary and local communications officer are going to need to be replaced but all positions are up for election.  Please consider running, there is a nomination form attached to this email.

  4.  The teacher bursary is due onJune 1st and the student bursary is due onSeptember 30. Ensure that all applications are in on time.


March 26th Monthly Meeting Points:

  1. If you are interested in joining the local executive please speak to your school rep about it, all positions are always up for election but a number will be vacated this year, including president.
  2. PWSD76 and the ATA are working on a project involving assessment using a research based technique.  Looking to be groundbreaking and similar to our mentorship program.
  3. If you received a conference grant ensure that you use it or it will be given to someone else.
  4. Throughout the province administrators are feeling alienation due to being left out of the assigned time clause. Some are being expected to go on all field trips in some divisions.  Administrators will be a focus in the upcoming central table bargaining.
  5. May 2 is hats on for mental health, if your school is celebrating ensure to send your photos to our local communications officer.

November 28th Monthly Meeting Points:

  1. If any schools would like to take on the Festival of Trees tree decorating for next year, please email Nicole at before our meeting at the end of February.

  2. Interested in the Teacher Institute on Canadian Parliamentary Democracy? This website has all the information:

  3. Ask your dentist if they are using the NEW Fee Schedule. That is what ASEBP is willing to pay.  

  4. Well being of children and youth conference is May 4th. The local is looking to send two people.

  5. Please send a picture of your Christmas Basket being given to the recipient to:   

  6. Interested in joining executive? Here are some of the benefits of joining.

Thank you to everyone who ordered a Christmas basket this year. I sincerely hope it brings joy to the family that receives it.  


October 24th, 2017:

  1. Shadow the Executive! We have two positions open for anyone interested in shadowing the executive and learning more about our local.   

  2. Please get your school's list of retirees and inductees to Adrian by our next local meeting on November 28th.    

  3. If you want your school to receive a Christmas Basket this year, please go on to our website and click the form to sign up for one! The deadline for ordering a basket is November 18th. A school rep must be in attendance at the November 28th meeting to pick up the basket.    

  4. Interested in yoga? We are bringing in a January yoga session. Every Sunday in January we will offer a yoga class from 10:45-11:45am and 12-1pm, there will be four classes. These classes are FREE and exclusively for teachers!

    1. 10:45-11:45  will be a high intensity class called Buti Yoga, with Buti Yoga you can expect a soulful blend of power yoga along with just enough tribal dance to rock your soul! The word “buti” is a marathi word that means “to cure something hidden below the surface.” In this class expect to hold your plank while challenging yourself to free your mind and your hips during this FUN sweat fest!  Intensity 3 of 4.

    2. Our 12-1pm class will be a relaxation and stretching class called Breathe and Flow, you can expect a slower paced class focused on developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses. Come to learn, play, and maybe even break a sweat in a supportive environment. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes; you just have to be willing to try. Intensity 1-2 of 4.

These classes are completely free and open to any and all teachers! There is a form on our website that we need you to fill out if you are interested in attending these classes. This way, we can see how much interest there is in our yoga session. Who ever signs up will receive email updates closer to the New Year of where these yoga classes will take place. The deadline for our Yoga interest form is November 30th. This form can be found on our website!

  1. If there is anything exciting happening at your school, please send photos to We would like to post these on our website, so please be sure all FOIP forms are signed.    

  2. We passed a motion to increase the budget in Special Projects for the Wellness Boxes to include a diverse range of books. Your school should be seeing these boxes very soon!

September 26th Meeting Points:

  1. District Representative Peter MacKay -

    1. Is student violence towards teachers an issue in your school and/or area?

    2. Is violence increasing? What can be done?

    3. Whenever you are unsure about the 907/1200 hours that is now in effect, call Teacher Welfare at Barnett House.

      1. If you are told where to be and when, that is assignable time. This includes at school.

      2. Your professional obligation is to be well prepared and able to teach when your time begins.

      3. Is your prep counted as assignable time? Are we required to be on site during our prep? If so, is it then assignable time?

      4. If your field trip is a few days long and overnight… That could possible put you over the hours.

      5. It is not unprofessional to count your hours. Lawyers count time, minutes actually, and no one questions their profession.

  2. What events are happening in your school and/or community that Northern Spirit could get involved with and/or sponsor? For example, the Amber Ball at the Dinosaur Museum or the Bonanza Fireman's Ball or the Savannah Dine and dance.. Etc.. Send event information to

  3. Mentorship: Offering information on the mentorship program.

  4. Please make sure we have your personal email. Check your email before your staff meeting, you should be emailed the minutes from each meeting as well as the five monthly meeting points.

  5. We have two new positions opening up. They would be the shadowing the executives and learning more about our local. If anyone is interested please send your name to