Monthly Meeting Points

Here you will find the main points from our monthly meetings.

September 26th Meeting Points

  1. District Representative Peter MacKay -

    1. Is student violence towards teachers an issue in your school and/or area?

    2. Is violence increasing? What can be done?

    3. Whenever you are unsure about the 907/1200 hours that is now in effect, call Teacher Welfare at Barnett House.

      1. If you are told where to be and when, that is assignable time. This includes at school.

      2. Your professional obligation is to be well prepared and able to teach when your time begins.

      3. Is your prep counted as assignable time? Are we required to be on site during our prep? If so, is it then assignable time?

      4. If your field trip is a few days long and overnight… That could possible put you over the hours.

      5. It is not unprofessional to count your hours. Lawyers count time, minutes actually, and no one questions their profession.

  2. What events are happening in your school and/or community that Northern Spirit could get involved with and/or sponsor? For example, the Amber Ball at the Dinosaur Museum or the Bonanza Fireman's Ball or the Savannah Dine and dance.. Etc.. Send event information to

      1. Do you have photos we can put on our website that show all the exciting and interesting things you are doing in your school? Please send pictures to

  3. Mentorship: Offering information on the mentorship program.

  4. Please make sure we have your personal email. Check your email before your staff meeting, you should be emailed the minutes from each meeting as well as the five monthly meeting points.

  5. We have two new positions opening up. They would be the shadowing the executives and learning more about our local. If anyone is interested please send your name to