Political Action Committee

Chaired by an elected member and composed of the three MLA contacts and one or two Local Council members, this committee shall:

  1. keep the MLA's and prominent political figures well informed about educational issues, the positive things happening in our schools and concern of the local teachers.
  2. encourage the MLA's, trustees and other prominent political persons to attend special school functions.
  3. organize, upon request of Local Council, candidate public forums.
  4. act as liaison with other political parties and supporting Boards of Education.
  5. submit an annual budget to the Budget Committee, including the request for the Political Action Committee Grant from the provincial association.

Up to three MLA contacts, one for each electoral region, may be appointed by the Local Council for a one year term, renewable at the time of the Annual General Meeting. These members will:

  1. be members of the Political Action Committee with full voting privileges on Local Council.
  2. act as liaison between Local Council and the MLA's.
  3. discuss and present Council views on matters of concern to teachers and the teaching profession.
  4. meet with the MLA when he/she feels the need or when requested by Local Council or the provincial association.
  5. whether an officer or not, be permitted to attend Local Council meetings.
  6. prepare an annual report for inclusion with the Political Action Committee annual report on activities conducted throughout the year.