2015 Provincial Election

Information about the Candidates

Information about the parties and their education platforms are available online at www.standupforschools.ca.

Dunvegan-Central Peace-Notley Candidates


Grande Prairie-Smoky Candidates


I live on a farm just east of Grande Prairie, only 1 km from where my grandfather Jock McDonald walked the Edson Trail and homesteaded here in 1911. I was 36 years old, farming and working in Grande Prairie and found myself complaining about different issues in my rural community of Crystal Creek. When an election came up, I felt like I should step up to the plate and try to do something about the issues I, my family and neighbors were frustrated. I won that election and had the honor of representing Zone 1 in the County of Grande Prairie for 2 terms before continuing on to Deputy Reeve and then Reeve of the County of Grande Prairie. Those years in rural politics allowed me to make the connections necessary to move into provincial politics and have the regional knowledge and background to represent this area as the Grande Prairie Smoky MLA the past 3 years. I have had the privilege to grow up and attend school in this community. My children and now my grandchildren go to the very same school I attended in elementary and junior high. These facilities and their staff are the backbone to developing competent, curious and future decision makers. I have advocated for 5 new schools and 2 school modernizations in our region alone. They are in different stages of development but all will be essential to ensure we support the region's continued growth.

Grande Prairie-Wapiti Candidates



Wayne is running for a third term in the Alberta Legislature. He’s had the honour to serve Albertans as Minister of Infrastructure and Minister of Transportation. Wayne also served as Deputy Whip and on a number of government and all-party committees, including Treasury Board. Prior to being an MLA, Wayne spent 15 years serving as a councillor for the Municipal District of Greenview.

Wayne and his wife, Sherry, live on the family farm near Grovedale, near their daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters. Following the tragic death of their son in 2001, the family established a bursary for local students pursuing a career in emergency services, fire or EMS in Northern Alberta. To date the bursary has helped fill 49 emergency response positions in the region.

What made you decide to become involved in politics?

I’ve always had a desire to serve my community, whether as a volunteer firefighter for the Grovedale Fire Department, a councilor for the Municipal District of Greenview, MLA for Grande Prairie-Wapiti or as a Minister for the Government of Alberta.

I have a deep love for this region – having lived here all my life. Now, I am lucky enough to be able to watch my granddaughters grow up in the same community that my family has lived for generations. Leaving this community in better shape than it ever has been and making sure future generations have every opportunity to succeed and live happy, healthy lives is what motivates me.

I would consider it a great honour to once again earn the trust of the people in Grande Prairie-Wapiti and have another opportunity to represent our unique voice in the Alberta Legislature.

Why do you think education is important?

Education is one of the most important services government provides. It prepares our children to be thoughtful, kind, innovative and productive members of society. Citizens who contribute to the economy, deliver our public services, enrich our quality of life and raise the next generation of Albertans. Alberta has one of the best-funded education systems in the country – and indeed, one of the best performing anywhere.  Education is our clear priority which is why it was the only department to see its overall budget increase this year, with more than $125 million in new money being directed to cover salary increases for teachers. 

At the same time, there are budget pressures to manage and we’ve asked school boards to share some of this burden and do what they can to help – either by finding 2.7 per cent in administrative savings, or dipping into their funding reserves to cover the difference. While this is not an ideal situation, it’s a balanced and measured approach to dealing with the sharp decline in resource revenues and an ever-increasing population. 


  I live close to Lion's Park in the city of Grande Prairie.  I became interested in politics because I like to make the lives of my friends and neighbours much happier.  Education is extremely important because it gives our youth the tools to build a better future.