Application for Funds for Professional Development: Conference Grants

1. Specialist Councils may put on an annual Conference for their members to attend. If you would like financial support to attend a specialist conference you can apply to access the Educational Trust Grant* from the provincial ATA. It is a lottery style draw for $500, deadline to apply is September 30th, complete the application form available on this page to apply.

2. Northern Spirit also has a Conference Grant*, lottery style draw for $350, deadline to apply is October 31st, complete the online application form to apply. Teachers wanting to attend any conference (ATA Specialist Council or not) should apply for this grant.

* Please consider that there is no guarantee that you will receive a grant. Grant recipients may not be notified until after they have attended the conference. Please keep all of your receipts to claim the grant. If you have received the grant, please complete the expense claim form to receive funds.