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Writing a letter to your MLA, a Minister and/or the Premier?

You can find their contact information here.
Tracy Allard, Grande Prairie
Hon. Travis Toews, Grande Prairie-Wapiti, Minister of Finance
Todd Loewen, Central Peace-Notley
Hon. Adriana LaGrange, Minister of Education
NDP Education Critic, Sarah Hoffman
Premier Jason Kenney


The ATA Specialist Councils are designed to support teachers in specific areas. Each ATA member receives one FREE membership to one council.

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The Alberta government is making dangerous changes to the public education curriculum—ignoring  important lessons and overloading the curriculum with irrelevant information that isn’t age-appropriate.

The draft K-6 curriculum is being piloted in schools this fall. Created without proper consultation with teachers, it leaves out core lessons in history, wellness, and science – including dinosaurs. The Indigenous content is inauthentic, and the perspectives of women, LGBTQ2S+ and Francophone Albertans are ignored.

Funding cuts mean fewer programs, less support and lost opportunities. Bigger class sizes are leaving teachers struggling to provide support to kids that need it most.

Take a stand with us—tell the government to put children first in our public education system. https://standforeducation.ca/

The Alberta Teachers’ Association’s Professional Curriculum Analysis and Critique of Alberta Education’s 2021 Draft K–6 Curriculum is a detailed analysis and assessment of the draft curriculum by expert teachers. The 6,500 teacher participants include elementary generalists, subject specialists, diversity specialists, and school and system leaders from across Alberta.



Moneytalk: Q&A

Short on time? Want to cut straight to the chase? Attend a brief Zoom meeting to have your money questions answered!

Moneytalk: Q&A is a half-hour session dedicated to your financial questions. Here are just a few examples of those burning questions you’d love to have answered:

Should I purchase an RRSP, or should I go with a TFSA instead?

How does the Home Buyers’ Plan work?

Wait—the government will give me money for my RESP?

Capital Estate Planning—the people who brought you the ATA Financial Wellness sessions last year—will provide expert advice on these questions and more.

Rick Harcourt, Professional Financial Advisor, manages the ATA Voluntary Benefit Program for Capital Estate Planning. He has been the featured speaker at the ATA Financial Wellness sessions and provincewide pre-retirement workshops.

The Moneytalk: Q&A session is free and will be held 4:00–4:30 pm on February 9, 2022.              

February 9, 2022: Register here.

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President - Debbie Harris, northernspiritpresident@gmail.com
Teacher Welfare Committee Chair - Casey Brown, local6TWC@gmail.com
Teacher-Board Liaison & Vice-President - Melissa Putman, local6TBL@gmail.com
Professional Development Committee Chair - Susan Hauser, local6PD@gmail.com
Teacher Directed PD Grant - If you are looking for PD funds please complete this form and submit it to the Northern Spirit PD Rep at your school. The rep will bring the applications to the PD committee for approval. Please see your Northern Spirit PD Rep for more information.



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