Healthcare Plan Issues

Health Spending Account (HSA)

Health Spending Accounts work like bank accounts:

  • The employer deposits money (credits) into your HSA account.
  • You draw on the credits to pay health-related expenses over and above those costs covered by other insurance health care plans.

What can you claim?

How do you make a claim?

  • Log on to the following website;
  • Sign on and get your password
  • Access your HSA amounts
  • Submit your claims on-line or through the ASEBP app (Apple and Android).
  • Keep receipts for 7 years for income tax purposes in the event that you are audited.
  • You can also claim expenses by printing the form from the website and sending it in by mail.

Be Aware:

  • Unused expenses cannot be carried forward to next plan year, but unused HSA credits can be carried forward for one plan year (a year is based on school year, not calendar year, September 1-August 31).
  • You have only 60 days after the years end, which is usually August 31 to claim expenses related to that plan year.
  • If credits are not used in the second year you will lose them – this is known as forfeiture.
  • Most important thing to remember about your Health Spending Account is USE IT OR LOSE IT!

Northern Spirit ATA Local #6 members currently enjoy the benefits of a $550 health spending account (HSA). This amount, in the form of credits, can be used to reimburse health-related expenses belonging to you, your spouse or other eligible dependents.

How will I receive money for submitted expenses?

ASEBP will make all payments by direct deposit into your bank account. To do this, ASEBP requires you to complete and submit the Automatic Direct Deposit form included with your enrollment package. ASEBP will also make all benefit plan payments (i.e. Extended Health Care, Dental Care, Vision Care, depending on your coverage) by direct deposit rather than by cheque.