School Representatives

School Representative Duties

  1. To act as a liaison between the school staff and the Local and Provincial Association by:
    • regularly and punctually attending Local Council meetings or arranging for a substitute whenever necessary.
    • examining pre-distributed material and being ready for meetings.
    • informing the staff of issues presented and discussed at Local Council meetings; highlighting pertinent sections of the Local Council minutes.
    • voicing staff concerns/views at Local Council meetings. (The rep should ensure that he/she differentiates between staff and personal opinion and freely expresses both.)
    • presenting an ATA report at staff meetings.
  2. To be cognizant of the Local's programs, policies and procedures as outlined in the MEMBERS' HANDBOOK.
  3. To distribute ATA publications to staff either on behalf of Local Council and/or the Provincial Association (newsletters, newspaper, magazine).
    • to acquire, organize and update information posted on staff room bulletin boards (minutes, draft policies, programs, committee reports, memos, announcements of meetings).
    • to deliver to the PD school representatives materials received from the ATA that are relevant.
  4. To assist with conducting questionnaires either for the Local or Provincial Association.
  5. To welcome teachers new to the profession and/or new to the staff. Help them as required with procedures, services, and sources of assistance.
  6. To serve on the standing and ad hoc committees of the Local Council.