Guide to Acronyms

ATA Guide to Acronyms
ACCESS Alberta Educational Communications Corporation
ACOTE Advisory Committee on Teacher Education
AGM Annual General Meeting
AHSCA Alberta Home and School Council's Association
ARA Annual Representative Assembly
ASBA Alberta School Boards Association
ATA Alberta Teachers' Association
ASEBP Alberta School Employee Benefit Plan

Alberta Teachers' Retirement Fund

BU Bargaining Unit
CASS College of Alberta School Superintendents
CBR Collective Bargaining Report
COATS Council on Alberta Teaching Standards
CTF Canadian Teachers' Federation
EAFEC Education Alberta Field Experience Committee
DR District Representative
EDB Extended Disability Benefit
EI Employment Insurance
EPC Economic Policy Committee
ICIFAS (Math) Intensive Core Intervention For Academic Success in Math
LCM Local Council Meeting
LCO Local Communications Officer
LRB Labour Relations Board
MPTC Mighty Peace Teachers' Convention
MS Member Services
NSC Negotiation Subcommittee
PD Professional Development
PEC Proviancial Executive Council
PIPA Personal Information Protection Act
RBA Representative of the Bargaining Agent
SARO Southern Alberta Regional Office
SER Special Emergency Reserve
TBL Teacher Board Liaison Committee
TOC Table Officers Committee
TPA Teaching Profession Act
TQS Teacher Qualifications Service
TW Teacher Welfare
TWAC Teacher Welfare Area Conference