Professional Development

Northern Spirit and Peace Wapiti Public School Division Mentorship Program


Teacher Directed PD Grant - teachers must complete this form and submit it to their school PD rep.

1. Schools with less then 15.0 FTE are eligible for up to $500.

2. Schools with an FTE of 15.0 or greater are eligible for up to $900.

3. Applications will be accepted Fall and Spring by the PD Committee to be approved during our committee meetings.

4. Approved applications are then sent back to each PD Rep to share with teachers and admin.

** the spending of the grant $ is to be decided on by each school's Teachers, PD rep, and Admin

5. Each school will need to send receipts of PD attended to the treasurer of our local ( to receive their grant $$  **PD will be paid for by the school and reimbursed by the local.