Professional Development

Northern Spirit and Peace Wapiti Public School Division Mentorship Program

 Northern Spirit ATA Local 6 provides teachers with multiple opportunities to access funds for professional development.

  • Conference Grant - deadline is Oct. 31, for teachers wanting to attend conferences
  • Collaboration Grant - This grant is intended to provide one sub day (or two half days) to support teachers who have been teaching for more than one year and are seeking guidance with their new teaching assignment or for teachers who are new to the province and may be unfamiliar with the Alberta Curriculum they are teaching. Teachers who receive this grant are expected to make contact with a teacher whom they would like to work with. They are encouraged to work with their school administration to find a suitable teacher or classroom to visit either within their own school or within the district. If a member is having difficulties finding teachers to collaborate with they may also contact the PD rep at their school for assistance.